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In 2001, Daniel Good started Good's Electric, as a North Benton electrician. As Good's Electric grew we primarily focused on new residential electrical work, doing North Benton electrical repair and service work on the side as we had time. Electric work kept Good's Electric flourishing.

Good's Electric - North Benton Electrician

In the spring of 2008 Good's Electric started pursuing North Benton electrical repair and service work. Good's Electric joined Nexstar Network (a business-development and best practices organization for independent home service plumbing, heating and air conditioning professionals) in the fall of 2008. Good's Electric opened up North Benton generator sales and installation In the spring of 2009, which grew rapidly.

North Benton Generators

When power outages strike North Benton, some homeowners and businesses cannot afford to simply ride out the power outage until the electricity starts working again. This is why many North Benton business owners have started installing emergency standby generators in order to protect their investments and keep their North Benton businesses operating, even during power outages. Similarly, a North Benton homeowner can protect his or her family by installing a home standby generator that is capable of running necessary appliances.

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North Benton Surge Protection

The average home, in North Benton or anywhere else, gets 20 surges a day in their electricity. Thus surge protection is vitally important. That’s because these surges can damage your electrical appliances and equipment, and even cause like threatening fires. That’s why you get up to 30% more life out of your appliances and electronic equipment if you use surge protection.

Surges can come from sources up to a mile away: or just problems with the electrical grid in the North Benton area. That’s why insurance companies may give you a better home insurance policy if you use surge protectors.

You can get your own small surge protectors at any hardware store. This is an appliance designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes. It limits the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

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