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Youngstown Computer Surge Protection

Youngstown computer surge protectionMany homeowners believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging their computer into a portable power strip, but unfortunately, that is rarely the case. When you want to protect your home or business' computers, the Youngstown surge protection specialists at Good's Electric LLC are the experts you want to turn to. Many people think their home and business computers are protected from power surges, only to discover after it's too late that they were mistaken. Fortunately, you can count on the Youngstown electricians at Good's Electric LLC to help you keep your home and business computers safe.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind about power surges in general:

  • The average home experiences 20 surges a day.
  • You can get up to 30% more life from your computer and other electronics with adequate surge protection
  • Lighting strikes up to a mile away can still damage or destroy electronics
  • Better homeowner's insurance policies are available if your home is protected

Home Surge Protection In Youngstown

Many portable computer surge protectors don't actually live up to their name. Many are not much more than glorified extension cords. While having your computer plugged into a power strip is better than not having it plugged into one, a conventional power strip works much better as a second or third line of defense against power surges. A surge can follow any wire into our home, not just your power line. This includes phone lines, cable lines, and Ethernet lines as well. Making sure your computer or computers stay protected begins with making sure that your home home has a whole-house power suppressor to safeguard against any big, dangerous power spikes. This can be coupled with a plug-in suppressor for your actual computer to absorb any remaining excess electricity and form a two-layered defense for your expensive computer systems.

Why Hire Us For Your Youngstown Computer Surge Protection?

Since 2001, home owners and business owner alike have come to know our name and trust our services when it comes to their surge protection needs, and the protection of their valuable computers and computer systems is no different. Our team of qualified electricians can help install and maintain the protective devices you need to ensure the safety of your computer system. Whether you are looking for whole-home options, breaker box options, or just options for your individual electronics or appliances, we are your whole home surge protection solution.

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If you are looking for computer surge protection services in Youngstown or the surrounding area, call the professionals at Good's Electric LLC today at 866-300-3125 or fill out our online request form.