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Dryer Hookup Services In Youngstown

Good's Electric offers Dryer Hookup Services In Youngstown

Dryer Hookup Services In YoungstownHave you purchased a new dryer and need to have it installed? You can take advantage of our Good's Electric Dryer Hookup Service in Youngstown. Whether you bought a second-hand dryer and the plugs don't match up with the outlet or new wiring needs to be installed for a brand new dryer, we are available to help.

Local residents know that Good's Electric is the name to remember when they need the help of a Youngstown electrician. We are residential electrical installation specialists who also do electrical repair work.

Our company is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. We are also the 2015 winners of the Best Of HomeAdvisor award. Good's Electric is a member of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of the Valley, a screened and approved HomeAdvisor electrician, and a member of Angie's List and the Nexstar Network.

In every way that counts, our Youngstown electricians deliver the type of standards our customers expect. If you need a friendly, trustworthy professional electrician for Dryer Hookup Services in Youngstown, we hope you will call us!

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New Dryer Installation

Getting a new appliance is really great, especially if it's a dryer you can use at home. However, the appliance will need to be installed with the correct wiring and outlet for the unit. It's always a good idea to have an electrician install the dryer and inspect the outlet.

With Good's Electric, your dryer hookup will be done correctly and safely. We are licensed and insured electricians who have you covered for all types of home electrical work. Call and let us know when your dryer is coming and we'll make an appointment to get it installed. Let us make it easy for you!

Old 3-Prong Dryer Outlet Replacement

Even if you don't need dryer installation service right now, you should think about replacing the old 3-prong outlet if you have one. This is an old outlet that does not have a ground. Some people use adapters that convert the 3-prong outlet to a 4-prong. The problem with this is that the appliance is still not grounded and the outlet is still not meant for modern heavy appliances.

Dryers draw a heavy current. The old 3-prong outlets were meant for new installations up until the mid-1990's. This is well over 25 years ago and today's appliances have evolved. It's highly important to replace the old 3-prong outlets with a modern one if you are installing a new dryer. If you aren't sure or want us to check out your dryer outlet and wiring, give us a call.

One advantage of updating the dryer outlet is energy saving. If the electrical panel, the wiring, or the outlet is outdated and no longer in compliance with current building code standards, your dryer will be using way more energy than it should be whether it's Energy Star rated or not.

Dryer Outlet Repair

Also, if the dryer plug doesn't fit tightly in the receptacle or it won't go all the way into the outlet, you need an electrician to assess the problem. This can make the wire hot, which is bad. When wires get hot, the insulation melts. When that happens, the wires can touch and spark. If the outlet is blocked, there may be a foreign object inside the receptacle or a part within may have broken a piece off inside.

While replacing an outlet or fixing it may seem simple, working with electrical systems is dangerous if you aren't trained and licensed. Anytime you need dryer outlet repair, new wiring, hot-tub installation, generator installation, dryer hookups, or anything else having to do with electricity, please call a professional like us. Good's Electric, LLC wants you to be safe and happy in your home.

For more information about our Dryer Hookup services in Youngstown, please call 866-300-3125 or complete our online request form.