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Youngstown and Erie Electrical Repair: Powering your essential circuits

There’s so much that can cause your power to go out – problems at the power station, bad weather – and losing power for an extended period of time can be a major problem. Nobody wants to take a cold shower, and spoiled food is expensive to replace. To protect your Erie or Columbiana area home, you might want to install a generator.

There are three kinds of generators: small portable ones that deliver a very limited amount of power for a short period of time; essential-circuit generators that tap into your gas or propane and deliver enough power to keep the most important circuits in your house going (they come in varying sizes to power different numbers of circuits); and large whole-house generators. The size Generator you need depends on the size of your house, and the size and number of circuits you want to power. Generator prices, not surprisingly, are largely dependent on size.

At Good’s Electric, we have the expertise to calculate the proper generator size and style to suit your needs and budget, and to install it properly so that you can always rely on it to kick in and shut off automatically, whether you’re home or away.

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