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Ice Melt Systems

Homes from Pittsburgh to Cleveland Use Rooftop Ice Melting Systems to Prevent Water Damage from Icy Roofs and Gutters

Good's Electric - Ice Melt Systems

When the winter begins to wear out it’s welcome, snow and ice can become a hazard to your home. Melting snow and ice can cause water damage to a roof and break your gutters, or spill onto your walkway and porch, making it dangerous just to walk to and from your front door. There are hundreds of accidents every year, even hospitalizations from large chunks of ice dropping on people right beside their own homes. Gutter systems are torn right off the house by the weight of snow and ice, causing thousands of dollars in property damage.

Fortunately, there’s a solution – innovative roof de-icing systems such as the line of products offered by HotEdge. Our Youngstown ice melting systems prevent ice dams, heavy snow loads, and the formation of dangerous icicles. Don’t wait until your home is in danger of being damaged– take preventative measures and invest in a rooftop heating system to avoid catastrophe. You can count on Goods Electric LLC, your Youngstown Electrician.


For homes with asphalt shingle roofs, the solution to rooftop icicles and snow is simple – the HotShingle Melting System. This system comes in a plethora of colors to blend in seamlessly with the design of your home.



When used in conjunction with the HotEdge or HotShingle, a HotValley Roof Melting System is a powerful and efficient means to make sure that your family and property is safe from falling icicles and snow. Designed for fast and easy installation on new or existing roofs of any type.



A HotEdge melting system is an affordable, energy efficient way to keep your home safe from most falling snow and ice by using a heat cable to warm the outer edges of your rooftop. The system requires no roof modifications, and is easy to maintain.



Homes susceptible to the dangers of property damage from rooftop snow and ice accumulation. As stress from the winter weather mounts, the likelihood increases for your gutter system to be torn right off of your home, causing thousands of dollars in both structural and interior damage.


If you are looking for Youngstown ice melting systems then please call 866-300-3125 or complete our online request form.