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LED Lighting Installation & LED Retrofits

Good's Electric offers LED Lighting Installation & LED Retrofits to Youngstown

LED Lighting Installation & LED Retrofits YoungstownLED fixtures and bulbs can make a big difference in the energy savings of a household. If you need new lighting installed or are interested in replacing old light fixtures, LED lighting is the modern option to consider.

LED lighting has come a long way since invention. They now provide the same illumination as you can get from incandescent lights. They are also better quality lights that are more durable and longer lasting. The key to using LED lights is installing the LED fixtures. With this option rather than simply using an LED light bulb, you have maximum wattage, longer life rating, more efficiency, and excellent dimming control.

If you are interested in investing in your home for immediate and long-term value, LED lighting installation is the way to go. You can choose to install LED fixtures when adding to the lighting scheme of your home or choose an LED retrofit to replace old fixtures.

When it comes to all your home's electrical service needs, Good's Electric, LLC is the name to know. Our Youngstown electricians provide excellent service that you can depend on. If you are interested in LED lighting, call for a consultation and estimate today.

LED Landscape Lighting Installation

Just about any object of your landscape or hardscape can be fitted with LED landscape light fixtures of various types to make your home's exterior go from bland and boring to the most noticeable beautiful home in the neighborhood.

Put a small, soft light on each step of your deck stairs. Place them on your deck posts. Place them along the base of bench seats. Install LED lights around the pool. Or highlight the deck fountain with them. Low voltage LED lighting is a great choice for adding some ambiance to the deck area or steps that lead up to the entryway of your home.

With LED landscape lights, you don't have to worry about leaving the lights on after dark. Have your landscape lit up with beautiful, energy efficient LED lights from Good's Electric, LLC. We can discuss the options with you today and come up with a plan for your home.

LED Security Lighting Installation

LED lights come in a variety of types and styles to add to the safety and security of your home. Outdoors, the LED light fixtures can be installed to provide enough illumination near the driveway and entryways. Indoors, LED security sensor lights will activate when motion is detected. There are also indoor and outdoor LED flood lights and alarm lights.

Outdoors, security lighting is the strongest of lighting types and is normally installed a good distance from the ground. A large area of the property is lit up with security lighting. You can have pole lighting installed or use the security lights above areas like your garage. Options include motion sensors or automated lighting with alarms. With the installation of some security lighting, you can rest assured that any activity on your property at night is within full view of neighbors or patrol vehicles.

Safety is the second major reason to have good lighting around your home. Every homeowner desires to be safe in their homes, so it's important to have sufficient illumination to easily move around the house after dark or perform cooking and food prep tasks safely.

If you are interested in beefing up the security and safety of your home with LED lighting, call Good's Electric, LLC today for an estimate.

LED Lighting Retrofits

An LED lighting retrofit replaces the old light fixtures in a home. By converting to LED lighting, the upgrade will pay you back with energy savings. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says that the widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the U.S.* Energy Star rated products use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than the old incandescent lights.

If your indoor and outdoor light fixtures are getting old, it's time to replace them with energy efficient LED lighting. Let us help you update your home!

If you would like more information about our LED Lighting services in Youngstown, please call 866-300-3125 or complete our online request form.