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Meter Box Installation in Youngstown

Youngstown Meter Box InstallationWhen you need your Youngstown Electrical Meter Box Changed Out, you'll need to find a qualified and certified local electrician to replace it for you.

A number of electrical components are housed in your electrical meter box including the meter, main switch, fuses, and circuit breakers. These components control the flow of electricity into your Youngstown home.

Do you have a meter box that needs replacing, is loose, or is old? The Youngstown Electrician at Goods Electric can take care of it for you. Problems with exterior wiring can be very frustrating and dangerous. Power outages, fallen trees, exposed electrical wires, flickering lights, and more can cause electric shock, fires, and even death.

For Youngstown meter box change outs, your electrician must be certified to do the work. Goods Electric is your go to team for this service and many others.

Does Homeowners Insurance or Local Utility Change Out Meter Boxes?

Many Youngstown homeowners mistakenly believe that the utility company is responsible for the meter box change out. Similarly, they think the water meter, pipe lines from the curb to the house, and exterior wiring will either be handled by the utility company or they will be reimbursed for the repairs by the homeowners insurance policy.

The truth is that most basic homeowners insurance policies and local utility companies or municipalities won't cover the repairs, replacements, or upgrades to the major electrical systems in and around your Youngstown home.

Exterior Electrical Wiring & The Meter Box

  • Meter Box
  • Weatherhead
  • Riser
  • Meter Base
  • Insulator
  • Service Entrance Conductor

The electrical components listed above are included in your meter box. Additionally, the wiring that runs from the meter box to your electrical panel or main breaker box may also need to be replaced.

Electrical and building safety codes require the use of waterproof weatherheads. They are also used on utility poles where overhead power lines enter a conduit to pass underground. It is shaped like a hood on a metal pipe that is attached to your residence. This waterproof cap on the end of the conduit allows wires to enter without letting in water.

Why Choose Us For Youngstown Meter Box Change Outs?

The Youngstown technicians at Goods Electric are fully licensed, experienced and insured electricians. We have been serving the Youngstown and surrounding areas since 2001 with our professional electrical services. When our customers in Youngstown need meter box change outs or any other electrical service, we can take care of it. We know and understand local safety building codes and will get your work done right.

  • Professional, Friendly, and Honest
  • Upfront Pricing By The Job
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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