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QuietCool Whole-House Fans in Youngstown

QuietCool whole house fanDuring the summer months, your air conditioner makes up a huge portion of your electricity costs. Your AC usage is likely to fall in the "high-usage" tier of your electricity bill as well, which has recently doubled with some electricity providers. But keeping your Youngstown home cool is extremely important, so many homeowners simply put up with high energy costs during the summer.

QuietCool whole-house fans, however, can hep you cut your air conditioning by 50-90%, saving you up to $500 per month. An air conditioner costs dollars per hour to run, while a Youngstown whole-house fan costs only pennies per hour, and it works to cool your home much more effectively than an air conditioner can.

The professional Youngstown Electrician at Good's Electric LLC can install a QuietCool whole-house for your home and help you keep your home as cool as possible for the lowest cost.

How Quiet-Cool Whole-House Fans Work

QuietCool has redesigned the whole-house fan so that it's ultra quiet while still cooling your home more effectively than any other method. The QuietCool fan sucks hot air out of your Youngstown home in 3-4 minutes, then sends in a cool breeze. It cools your home in three ways:

  1. The fan introduces a breeze which you can control by opening different windows in your home. This can cool your home by up to 10°F.
  2. It cools your home by up to 20° by replacing the hot air in your home with cooler air 15-20 times per hour. This can be done any time the outdoor air is cooler than your indoor air, like in the morning, late afternoon, evening, or night.
  3. It removes hot air from your attic. The QuietCool fan replaces that hot air, which cools your home 10 times faster than your air conditioner can.

How Attic Heat Effects Your Air Conditioner

QuietCool Authorized DealerBecause the sun is constantly beating down on your roof, your Youngstown home's attic can reach up to 110°F on a hot day, but your AC doesn't do anything to cool that air. In fact, your air conditioner battles with that attic heat all night long.

As soon as your home cools enough for your air conditioner to shut off, your attic starts to heat it up again. This means that your air conditioner will cycle on and off again all night long as your home heats up and cools down over and over.

QuietCool whole-house fans will keep your home cool all night long by removing that hot air from the attic. This alone can save you a tremendous amount of money every month by reducing the amount of energy your AC needs to expend to keep your home cool.

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If you're interested in QuietCool whole-house fans in Youngstown, call Good's Electric LLC at 888.442.8401, or fill out our online request form.